Materials Recycling

We strive to help our environment by recycling

Materials Recycling

At Metropolitan Removal Co., Inc. we strive to help our environment by recycling, while providing cost effective resources for you.

are constantly expanding our recycling departments to best conserve the environment's resources. Our major recycling departments are scrap metal and appliances, light bulbs, wood and brush, concrete, brick and asphalt. Each has a fluctuating rate depending on the amount of items to be recycled, along with the rates of facilities that we use, so please contact our sales department for a price.

Scrap Metal & Appliance recycling
Scrap Metal & Appliance recycling is one of our priorities. It is important at Metropolitan Removal to recycle as much scrap metal and as many appliances to benefit our environment as much as possible, along with reducing the cost of tonnage for you.

Light Bulb recycling
Light Bulb recycling is our newest department. Metropolitan Removal is proud to be able to recycle all light bulbs. Most people are not aware of the need for recycling light bulbs due to the mercury content. As awareness increases, we hope to prevent large numbers of light bulbs from being added to our local dumps. It is best for the environment for light bulbs to be properly recycled.

Wood & Brush recycling
Wood & Brush recycling is certainly an important recycling department. The more we are able to recycle wood, the fewer trees that will ultimately be cut down. Wood recycling is imperative for the successful future of our environment.

Concrete, Brick & Asphalt recycling
Concrete, Brick & Asphalt recycling is a beneficial service we offer. It is another way that we can conserve our resources, and save you money as well. Just imagine the tonnage on a roll-off container full of concrete or brick going to the dump. We can recycle that concrete or brick at a lower cost, and it benefits our environment. Everybody wins!

At Metropolitan Removal our mission is to provide "Quality Service You Can Depend On." Please call 1-800-698-5565 to discuss your next removal project.